Riga Technical University (Latvia) Summer Schools 2017

Riga Technical University (Latvia) Summer Schools 2017

2017. február 10.
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Riga Technical University (RTU) would like to inform you about our upcoming Summer Schools taking place in Latvia in August 2017. We would highly appreciate if you would share the message with your students or forward it to anyone who would be interested in spreading the news. Do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions about the summer schools or you have any offers you would like to share with our students or staff.

1) Summer School «Nonlinear Life»:

We are pleased to invite your students to participate in our summer school «Nonlinear Life» which will be held from August 20 till August 31 August, 2017 in the capital of Latvia – Riga and in the largest city of Latgale (one of the four regions of Latvia) – Daugavpils, where the biggest affiliation of RTU is situated.

Journey within this summer school will lead students through mathematics, medical physics, mechanics, medical engineering dealing with nonlinear systems of objects.


Students will attend lectures of scientists in the fields of dynamics of nonlinear systems, medical engineering and physics. Seminars will cover topics such as preparation of scientific publications, computer simulation of nonlinear dynamic systems and will be organized in the research facilities of RTU.

Participation fee is EUR 700. The deadline for submitting the application is 5 May 2017.

The application form can be downloaded at


2) Summer School «Woodcraft and Art Summer School»:


Students from all over the world who are interested in wooden design are welcome to join the «Woodcraft and Art Summer School» taking place in Riga and Ligatne (Latvia) from 14 -25 August 2017 organized by the Institute of Design Technologies of the Faculty of Material Science and Applied Chemistry and the International Relations Department of RTU.


The summer school offers a programme consisting of lectures, workshops and discussions, company site visits, countryside visits, guided excursions and exciting parties. The programme will be conducted by a local team – designers, artists, technologists, designing engineers and invited experts. There will be lectures on different aspects of wood manufacturing and design. In addition to the lecture programme, practical work in groups will be carried out providing the possibility to work with woodworking machines processing sewn timber and manual woodworking tools processing round timber. This summer school will provide you with knowledge in wood design, materials, technology, compounds and skills of wooden product manufacturing. You will also get a closer look at Latvia through introduction of traditional woodcraft objects closely linked to Latvian lifestyle and traditions.

Participation fee is EUR 700. The deadline for submitting the application is 5 May 2017.

The application form can be downloaded at


For more information see the attached brochures or visit!


Thank you very much in advance and kind regards from Riga,


Inga Riharda

Project Manager

Summer School 2017 Nonlinear Life >>


Summer School 2017 Woodcraft and Art >>

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