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Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education

Academic and Examination Regulation of the University of Szeged (in force from August 19, 2022)

Student disciplinary and liability for damages policy of the University of Szeged

Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School

Faculty Academic Regulations (in force from February 6, 2023)

Demontstrator regulations of the University of Szeged, Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School

Regulations on the reduction of tuition fees (in force from October 5, 2021) (Note that tuition fee reductions are to be requested via the course registration plan, not modulo.)

Latest news


The "Nobel Weeks at the University of Szeged" awareness campaign is launched. "Where knowledge and intention meet" - a series of programmes organised under the motto of the University of Szeged extends beyond the borders of Szeged.


Katalin Karikó's series of achievements shows no signs of slowing down following the recent Nobel Prize announcement. In the past two months, the esteemed research professor at the University of Szeged has garnered numerous recognitions, reclaiming her title as the most influential scientist, maintaining her role as a mentor, earning yet another prestigious award, engaging with celebrities, and contributing to her list of accomplishments by publishing articles about her remarkable autobiography, "Breakthroughs."