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September, 2015


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    Did the university prepare you for working as a doctor?

    Laura Brown (USA) Consultant hematopathologist, University of California San Francisco: The quality of education, particularly in the preclinical sciences, is very high. I feel I was at least as well prepared, if not more, to enter residency training than my American-educated colleagues. Of course, you must be willing to apply yourself to learning, as the pace and volume of material to learn is substantial.


    Describe a typical weekend for you. An hourly breakdown would be great.

    Ilgin Ceviker (Class of 2024, Turkey): For me, I like to go to the library or any cafe to study. Or if I am studying a new subject or topic, I prefer quiet places, so I either stay at home or go to the library’s silent area. Afterwards, I like to go to the gym if I can, or I like to go for a walk next to the river. And after that, if I can plan, I like to go out with my friends to spend some time. On Fridays and Saturdays, there are English movies in the movie theater. I would really like to see new movies in there.