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Why to join TDK research activities?

Dear Students,

The Annual Student Research Conference of the Faculty of Medicine will take place between 15-17 November, 2017. Attending the conference provides an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the research activities of students.

Why to join TDK (Student Science Study Group) research activities?

1. You can get answers to scientific questions and verify hypotheses.

2. You can learn bibliography search and experimental planning.

3. You can learn the ethics of scientific research.

4. You can acquire knowledge of methods in life sciences.

5. You can evaluate and introduce your results through posters or oral presentations.

6. You can improve your discussion skills.

7. You can join the scientific community.

8. You can participate at local and national TDK conferences, summer practices, national and international conferences. Money award will be granted to prize winners of TDK conferences.

9. You can summarize your research results as a TDK research essay or a scientific paper. The TDK research essay can also be accepted as a thesis.

10. You can apply for Pro Scientia Gold Medallion if you successfully participate at local and national TDK conferences.

11. TDK work gives you an advantage and extra points at various grant applications (local, state, Sofi scholarship, etc.).

12. The TDK Council of the Faculty also offers you other application opportunities (such as participating at the TDK Conference in Targu Mures, Romania).

13. Active TDK students can take a 2-credit course on „TDK activities, talent management.”

14. After graduation, TDK work is considered as an advantage when applying for a job (PhD or residency training).

You can get more information on TDK at the website of the TDK Council.

You can contact also the members of the TDK Council or the TDK Secretariat (tdk.aok@med.u-szeged.hu).

All interested students are welcome to visit our TDK conference and our scientific study groups.


Yours sincerely,


Dr. Zoltán Rakonczay, Chairman of the TDK Council, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Ferenc Peták, Secretary of the TDK Council, Faculty of Medicine




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