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Szegedi Tudományegyetem Szent-Györgyi Albert Orvostudományi Kar

University of Szeged
Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School
Foreign Students' Secretariat

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General Information

The course is organized for students who feel unprepared for the regular health-science degree programs or who need help in reviewing basic sciences in English language.

Subjects taught are Biology, Chemistry including Chemical Calculations, Physics, Mathematics, Medical English and Hungarian language. The duration of the course is eight months, starting in September. Progress is checked on a regular basis.
The language of the course is English; therefore, applicants must provide suitable proof that they meet the English language requirement for the Foundation Year Program.

Students with outstanding academic achievements have a high chance to be admitted automatically to the first year of the following programs starting in the upcoming academic year:


6-year Medical Program (MD),

5-year Dental Medicine Program (DMD),

5-year Pharmacy Program (DPharm),

4-year Physiotherapist Program (BScPhysio)

4-year Nurse Program (BScN)


Important notice: Completion of the Foundation Year does not imply or assure admission to the degree programs.
Grading System
Five-grade system

5 Excellent (jeles)

4 Good (jó)

3 Accepted (közepes)

2 Passed (elégséges)

1 Failed (elégtelen)

Foundation Year students are entitled to receive a student card, which provides the following discounts:
• 50% discount on public transportation within Hungary
• discounts at local stores
• cheaper fares in certain cab/taxi companies.

For more information regarding the application procedure, please click here.

Latest news


On 23 November 2023, the new building of the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of the University of Szeged (SZTE) was inaugurated. The new five-storey building meets 21st century requirements in all respects, catering for both outpatient and inpatient care. All services previously provided at three separate sites have now been moved to the 2,500-square-metre building.


The new research and education centre of the University of Szeged (SZTE) was inaugurated on 21 November, 2023.


A new dimension of health care has been introduced at the Cardiometabolic Rehabilitation Unit of the Albert Szent-Györgyi Clinical Centre, University of Szeged. The new and innovative approach to patient care, which is unique in Europe as well, is based on remote patient monitoring with telehealth systems.