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Dear Medical Students,

As you may have been informed, several measles cases were diagnosed at the health care institutions of Csongrád County in the last few days. The disease occurred also among healthcare workers.

The infectious agent is the Paramyxo virus. The disease is transmitted from person to person via droplet infection and direct contact. The incubation period is 8-13 days, or, until the development of rashes, 13-15 days. Nevertheless, it may last for even 21 days if gamma globulin is administered.

Common symptoms are: fever, catarrhal disorders, Koplik spots and exanthemas. It is important to know that the patient can be infectious already in the last days of the incubation period. After the development of rashes the infectivity starts to decrease and in 5-6 days it ceases.

In case you had received the appropriate vaccination, the probability of measles occurrence is low. Nevertheless, since you spend much time close to patients and in larger communities, it is highly recommended to pay even more than usual attention to precautions, such as frequent hand washing and disinfection, use of protective equipment (garment, mask, gloves, etc.) as necessary, in order to avoid development and spread of the disease. Furthermore, in case potential signs and symptoms of the disease are manifested or you need further information, don’t hesitate to approach your physician immediately.



The University of Szeged has signed a unique cooperation agreement with one of the world’s best-known and most influential medical research bases. An agreement on joint research and training between the Pasteur Institute of Paris and the University of Szeged was reached on April 18, 2023. in Szeged.

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