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The list of the Szent-Györgyi Scholarship recipients is out

The Faculty of Medicine closed its call for applications for the annual Albert Szent-Györgyi Scholarship announced to international students studying in the foreign language medical programs of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Szeged.

The aim of the scholarship is to aid the highest-performing students partaking in the foreign language medical program in their studies on the basis of their academic and scientific performance, furthermore their contribution to the University’s social life.

Scholarship recipients:

Ibrahim Abubaker Abdelrahim
Ljones Isak
Jury Katharina

Keshvari Milad Kazava
Hosseini Badakhshani Amirali
Marks Pilar Luisa
Janke Alexander
Ibrahim Amin
Merz Andreas
Zahn Timm
Peter Bükers
Kai Sebastian
Ernst Matthias
Adeyemi Adedolapo Kamaldeen
Yamakawa Takeshi
Zreik Lutuf
Makhoul Kamal


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The University of Szeged has signed a unique cooperation agreement with one of the world’s best-known and most influential medical research bases. An agreement on joint research and training between the Pasteur Institute of Paris and the University of Szeged was reached on April 18, 2023. in Szeged.

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