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Greeting of the I. year students

Greeting of the I. year students

The academic year 2014-2015 was opened 31 August 2014 with the festive council. Prof. Ferenc Bari, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine welcomed the new students of the Faculty.

Dear festive council, fellow lecturers, first-year students, dear guests,

I welcome you on the occasion of our first-year students now officially becoming citizens of our Faculty and University. With your oath, you vow to study diligently towards acquiring the fundamentals of the medical profession.

My first thoughts are of recognition:

I offer my congratulations to all of you, for it is the result of your long and fruitful secondary studies that you have gained admittance to our Faculty. You have worked hard for it; you have earned it, be proud of yourselves — have your achievements so far give you proper aptitude and confidence to propel you towards continuing your studies. I am glad that you are now becoming the citizens of the University; enjoy yourselves, and always be ever so proud of having walked the halls of the University of Szeged. I thank the parents for the devoted support they have given their children, which will be a continued necessity in the years to come. I would also like to thank the high schools and their teachers for the help they have given to the students in preparing them for their university studies.

Prof. Ferenc Bari
Prof. Ferenc Bari, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

My second thought is of partnership:
It is September tomorrow, and on these days our hearts tend to beat a little differently. We know that though adventure is up ahead, we’d still rather hold on to the passing summer. Yet we’re driven by curiosity. A new academic year is upon us — a new year with challenges and trials. Not just for you, dear students, but for us, teachers, too. We hereby offer you our partnership: Let’s partner up, so that we can help you become doctors that are both humane and well-prepared, and so that, in turn, we can become better and more efficient in our own profession. Let us respect each other. What I see in you is the young colleague with a thirst for knowledge: Someone I can turn to and — in a few years’ time if it so happens — entrust with my health or the heath of my family members, because I know that you are adequately prepared to practice medicine. We ask you to respect the teacher in us who has been training him or herself for decades and continues to do so in order to be prepared to deliver the knowledge and how to be humane as efficiently as possible. Respect us, for we help you solve your problems, and earn our recognition by studying hard, by living, acting, and dressing in a way that is worthy of a student of medicine.
I have demands, too, young colleague; I have expectations of you, for I would like to respect you. These expectations are rather high. Let it be so on both sides, and these sides do not mean separation; they are the constituent parts of the whole. The prominence of our Faculty is made up of students and teachers in equal measure. We are proud of our achievements so far, yet we cannot be big-headed or content with ourselves either.

My third thought addresses the mind:
It is practically impossible to keep up with the incessant progress of science. You’ll soon realize that understanding something and seeing the connections clearly is a difficult task in itself. Being a passive recipient is not enough. I am asking you to press ahead: If there is something you do not understand, do not memorize it just because it is easier that way. I wish for you to be driven by the “craving for understanding”, I wish for you to enjoy every aspect of studying. Have the courage to ask, and talk through any areas that are unclear. Make use of the possibilities made available by technology; use your command of languages. The world and the international medical training are within your reach.
A multitude of examples testify that it is at an early age that the human mind is especially capable of accomplishing remarkable feats. A number of medical discoveries are related to medical students, either by them discovering something others have formerly missed, or by committing to research and beginning to work while still young. Their work may have taken tens of years, but many have been rewarded with the most prestigious of awards, including the Nobel Prize. If you happen to be driven by the desire to discover, you can rest assured that the conditions of working “outside of the obligatory” in your own scientific workshops are given.
Science seemingly embodies man with enormous power, yet we stand paralyzed many a time, as we are not quite certain where to begin taking in such a vast amount of knowledge. Maybe I can explain it by analogy with a circuitous ski slope: I know I have to find a way down, I know where the goal is, but I can only make it down by being able to focus on the turn at hand.
Studying is possible solely by being eager, fresh, and cheerful. Trust me: It can be done. Pay close attention to the harmony of your body and spirit; do sports, have fun, refine your outlook on life. Make use of the manifold possibilities the University and the city has on offer.

Dear festive council!
Everyone here has arrived with expectations. I sincerely hope that your expectations will be fulfilled in the years ahead of you. To students and parents alike, I wish everyone semesters that lack any anxiety, and that are spent in good spirit. I furthermore wish ourselves such personal encounters during the course of which we will get to be acquainted with eager, smart, and committed students.

If I could, I would now turn on a song by a renowned Hungarian musical artist, Gábor Presser, but suffice it that I just quote him here:

“Attention, attention!
Come only those who can take it,
only those who can — through the end — make it…”

You are here. Let’s make it through the end with vigor, in good spirit, and in good health.



The University of Szeged has signed a unique cooperation agreement with one of the world’s best-known and most influential medical research bases. An agreement on joint research and training between the Pasteur Institute of Paris and the University of Szeged was reached on April 18, 2023. in Szeged.

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