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Psychological Counseling for medical Students

There is an opportunity to participate in individual counseling, the goal is to help overcome any kind of obstacle in life. Sessions are private and all information between client and professional stay confidential.

Students can turn to the psychologist with the listed problems below:

- stress management,

- difficulties in studying,

- lack of motivation,

- depression,

- concentration problems,

- relationship issues,

- conflicts with friends or family,

- anxiety,

- homesickness or loneliness,

- integration difficulties,

- any kind of loss or grief.

Students can ask for help, whenever they experience emotional distress. In some cases the counselor might send the client to another professional. Consultations will provide an agreement about the aim and the structure of counseling. Sessions are expected to be once in a week, which could continue up to 6 weeks. It is important to be able to appear for every counseling for the sake of efficient work!

Application in advance is obligatory, make an appointment via e-mail:helpingmedstudents@gmail.com

Address: I. sz. Rendelőintézet (SZTK) 6722 Szeged, Tisza Lajos krt. 97. elevated ground floor, room 22

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