2023. September 29., Friday
Szegedi Tudományegyetem Szent-Györgyi Albert Orvostudományi Kar

University of Szeged
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Dean's Office

H-6725 Szeged, Tisza L. krt. 109., Hungary

Phone: +36-62-545-016
E-mail: office.aokdh@med.u-szeged.hu

Head of The Dean's Office

Dr. Nóra Főző

Head of the Dean's Office

Phone: + 36 62 545 015

E-mail: fozo.nora@med.u-szeged.hu

Rita Rózsahegyi

Deputy Head of the Dean's Office

Phone: +36 62 545 020

E-mail: rozsahegyi.rita@med.u-szeged.hu

Secretariat of the Dean's Office

Hajnalka Ábrahám

Head of the Secretariat

Principal advisor

Phone: +36 62 545 016

E-mail: abraham.hajnalka@med.u-szeged.hu

Eszter Sasi-Pokriva

Foreign Officer

Phone: +36 62 342 359

E-mail: sasi-pokriva.eszter@med.u-szeged.hu

Kornélia Szűcs-Tettinger

Foreign Officer
Phone: +36 62 545 016
E-mail: szucs-tettinger.kornelia@med.u-szeged.hu

Orsolya Simon

Human Resources and Quality Assurance Officer

Phone: +36 62 342 128

E-mail: simon.orsolya@med.u-szeged.hu

Tímea Németh

Case Officer

Phone: +36 62 545 990

E-mail: nemeth.timea1@med.u-szeged.hu

Lilla Molnár (on leave)

Procedure and Tender Management Officer

Phone: +36 62 545 990

E-mail: molnar.lilla@med.u-szeged.hu

Zsófia Bucsuházy

Procedure and Tender Management Officer

Phone: +36 62 342 577

E-mail: bucsuhazy.zsofia@med.u-szeged.hu

Deans OfficeDeans Office

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Levente Szalárdy has been playing the guitar, violin, piano and folk flutes since childhood and he also founded a folk dance group, but in the end he did not choose music as his career.


It is with great pleasure and respect that I welcome you, the youngest students of the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School, who are about to start your higher education studies at our university!


Writefull markets itself as ’a writing assistant containing everything a student is looking for’. Now this tool is accessible to all our students via the subscription of the university library (TIK).