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"I want to do something here" - Prof. Dr. Endre Varga is this year's grand prize winner of the Foundation for Szeged

For the 35th time, the Foundation for Szeged (Szegedért Alapítvány) has awarded individuals who have excelled in shaping the spirit of the city, enriching its scientific, cultural, artistic and social life, preserving its values, and who have brought fame and appreciation to the city of Szeged and the University of Szeged.

The top prize of the Foundation was awarded to Prof. Dr. Endre Varga, traumatologist and professor at the University of Szeged.

Prof. Dr. Endre Varga was born in Szeged. He received his medical degree summa cum laude from the University of Szeged in 1981. He decided to choose surgery as a profession when he was still a student, because surgery requires imagination, creativity and manual dexterity. Later he was the head of the Department of Traumatology for ten years.


Thanks to his professional dedication, the department has become an internationally recognised AO training centre teaching bone fusion surgical techniques. It was also him who brought ATLS courses, a systematic and concise method for the immediate management of injured patients, to Hungary. He was elected President of the Hungarian Trauma Society and he is Hungary's national representative in the European Society for Emergency Medicine. He is also the founder of the Hungarian and European ATLS organisations. His name is associated with the regearing of pelvic surgery and the development of new implants. As head of the department, he was at the forefront of developing modern operating theatre conditions. He has always been keen to devote his attention and energy to the training of his young colleagues, and is considered a role model by generations of traumatologists.


The operating theatre is his true home, where his constantly improving his. knowledge. He has given countless patients hope and a chance for a full recovery over the decades, and his kind and caring bedside manner is medicine itself for his patients. Thanks to his high quality work, several dancers of the Szeged Contemporary Ballet and athletes, including the handball players of Pick-Szeged, have been able to return to the stage and the field following injuries.

Endre Varga has been invited many times to apply his clinical skills abroad, but he always chose Szeged. "I love Hungary and Szeged. I have never left the city, let alone the country. I am not leaving, and not because I feel tied down, but because I want to do something here."

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