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Coursera for SZTE Alumni: Surprise for Alumni — Artificial intelligence for everyone!

SZTE offers a free Coursera course package on artificial intelligence for graduates.

The University of Szeged is pleased to announce the Coursera for SZTE Alumni programme, an excellent opportunity for graduates. Courses available through the Coursera platform, including courses from IBM and Google, provide a solid foundation for professional development and increased proficiency in the technology field.

What do I need to know about Coursera?

The world's largest learning platform is offering high-quality courses from leading companies and universities. As the courses can be completed without any pressure (continuous access, no time limit, repetition), they are a useful tool for professional development.

The 39 courses included in the Coursera for SZTE Alumni package are available for unlimited access until December 2024. The package includes general courses for beginners and specialised content for advanced learners.

The Hungarian version of the Coursera platform offers further support. The Hungarian language functions make it easier to find your way around and select course materials. The development is available since December 2023 as a result of a machine translation process initiated and organised by Coursera. SZTE is continuously exploring machine translation to ensure the most complete user experience, especially since the Coursera Lighthouse programme offers free access to the world's largest online learning platform for all university citizens - and now graduates can also benefit from it.

What are the benefits of participating?

The Coursera for SZTE Alumni programme aims to provide the opportunity for continuous learning and professional development, in addition to the experience of belonging to the University of Szeged community. Courses on artificial intelligence available on the Coursera for SZTE platform help former students develop skills that are needed in the modern job market. Artificial intelligence is an emerging field that is part of everyday life, regardless of the task and the work domain, yet we know typically little about how to use it correctly and effectively. Therefore, Coursera's suite of learning materials comes at the perfect time to develop these skills.

Who can participate in the programme?

As part of the Coursera for SZTE Alumni programme, only those who currently have an active user account on the SZTE Alma Mater uniszegedalumni.com community site, as former students, will receive an email invitation. If you don't have an active account yet, you can join this way.

Are you interested in learning on the platform?

If you are already a member of SZTE Alma Mater, you will receive an email with access to Coursera. Active members need to register separately on the Coursera platform in order to access the training package using the link in the Coursera invitation received by e-mail.

If you have not yet registered on the Alma Mater platform but have a degree from SZTE or one of its predecessors, you can become a member at uniszegedalumni.com to learn on Coursera for free, among other services.

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SZTE offers a free Coursera course package on artificial intelligence for graduates.