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New Academic Proofreading Tool Available for SZTE Staff and Students

Writefull markets itself as ’a writing assistant containing everything a student is looking for’. Now this tool is accessible to all our students via the subscription of the university library (TIK).

Writefull uses the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to give language feedback on scientific texts. It has been developed especially for students and researchers, and its feedback is tailored to academic writing. Its algorithms were trained on scientific and technical content only; the training data consists of peer-reviewed Open Access articles. Thanks to this focused dataset, the models give language feedback that is appropriate to scientific writing.

Writefull goes well beyond the tools provided by other grammar checkers. It offers a full array of automated language feedback – covering everything from wording, syntax, and grammar – catered specifically to the academic community to speed up the research writing process.

When you paste your writing, you can choose between “Proofread” and “Full Edit.” The Proofread option will correct small grammar, spelling, and style issues. Full Edit goes a step further and will rewrite your sentences so it sounds more formal. It improves sentences to enhance their fluency and readability, including word order, phrasing, clarity, brevity, tone, and more.

Writefull offers a set of other features too:

Sentence Palette: a browsable list of very common academic phrases across the various sections of research papers, to paste directly into a text

Language Search: a database with authentic language of scientific texts, to see how words and phrases should be used in context

Title Generator: produces AI-generated titles based on any abstract

Paraphraser: AI-generated rephrasings for any sentence at three levels: low, medium, or high. The higher the level, the heavier the rephrasing

Writefull Revise: checks the language quality of a text already written to ensure that any language mistakes are corrected

Writefull Cite: screens texts for citation completeness, highlighting sentences that should be supported by a reference

GPT Detector: a GPT plagiarism checker

Academizer: a widget to turn informal sentences into academic ones

Writefull can be downloaded from the Writefull website.


To start using the Writefull, students and staff need to create an account. If they create an account using their university email address, they get full access to the add-in (covering the full ‘premium’ experience) without needing to pay for upgrading. The password can be anything of their choosing (NOT their institutional password).

Students who do not have a university email address need to require one first. Click here for registration: https://www.stud.u-szeged.hu/web/studreg-1.php

If you need help with registration, please send an email to alumni.fs@med.u-szeged.hu

Writefull for Word for Windows can be used with:

- Windows 7 SP1 or newer

- Office 2013 or newer

Writefull for Word Online and macOS can be used with:

- Microsoft Office 365

- Word Online

- Office 2016 or newer

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