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Summer Practices

1st, 3rd and 4th year students are required to complete a four-week compulsory summer practice in a state-accredited teaching hospital/clinic.

In order for your summer practice to be accepted, you are required to

1.) sign up for the summer practice on NEPTUN (as you sign up for any course in the course registration period),

2.) submit at the Foreign Students’ Secretariat a “Letter of Acceptance” (see below) and a certificate that the hospital/clinic is accredited by the country concerned by the deadline given out on the information sheet,

3.) have your supervisor properly fill in, sign, stamp the “Evaluation Sheet” (see below). The sheet has to be shipped (postal/courier service) directly from the hospital to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat or handed in by the student in person at the Foreign Students’ Secretariat in a sealed envelope. Note that the original copy (signed with actual ink bearing the original stamp) is required; photocopies, pictures taken with a camera or cellphone, or e-mail attachments are NOT accepted and your summer practice will NOT be fulfilled without handing in the original copy.

All practices must be at least 4 weeks long.

Nursing summer practice

Internal medicine summer practice

Surgery summer practice

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Application deadline: 20 February, 2023


At the end of last year, Dr. Endre Varga received the Pro Sanitate Award, a Hungarian governmental award that recognises outstanding professional performance in the field of health care.