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Entrance Examination

Entrance examinations are held in Hungary and at different locations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States between February and July. The applicants are allowed to participate in a maximum of two examinations during one application period, if the chance is offered by the University of Szeged.

About the exam

The Entrance Examination consists of a written and an oral part.

Written part:

Students have two and a half hours to complete the written part consisting of three multiple-choice sections covering Biology, Chemistry (Physics only in Szeged) and English Language Skills including essay writing.

The exam is designed to assess your learning and writing abilities. Each of these tests contains three sections: 20 multiple-choice Biology questions, 20 multiple-choice Chemistry questions, English Language questions and essay writing. Each multiple-choice question is followed by four or five possible answers: A, B, C, D, or E. You must choose the best answer for each question.

In the Essay Writing section, you will write an essay (up to 200 words) to demonstrate the originality, effectiveness, and use of detail in your writing. There is scrap paper in the test booklet where you can outline thoughts before writing the full essay.

Please check our sample tests to get an idea how the tests will look like.

Oral part:
The oral part of the examination – interview with a University Professor - will last for about 20-30 minutes. Following a conversation on general issues you will be asked 2 questions in Biology and 2 questions in Chemistry. The schedule of the oral exam will be announced after the written exam.

The use of Mobile phones and any other electronic devices (eg. Personal Digital Assistant, smart watches) during the examination is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this procedure may result in cancellation of your scores, dismissal by the test center staff, or banning from future exams.

Sample Entrance Examination Tests

For further information on how to register for the entrance examinations at the different locations please visit the following sites:

Szeged, Hungary