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Exchange Programs, Scholarships, Support Programs

Exchange Programs:

International collaborations play a significant role in the life of the Faculty of Medicine both in education and research. Please check the list of exchange programs, scholarships you might be able to apply for by clicking here.

Support Programs:

Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School Financial Support Program


Financial matters play a big role in one's decisions and the choice of educational institutions for further Higher Education studies. The University of Szeged offers a range of different scholarship programmes for international students to help cover tuition fees or living costs.

SZTE scholarships

Governmental scholarship opportunities

EU scholarship opportunities


Once you have won the scholarship, you are required to submit a request to the head of the Academic Board asking for an individual study plan for the semester you wish to spend abroad as an Erasmus student.

The following forms have to be submitted at the Foreign Students' Secretariat 30 days prior the first day of your mobility period:

Request to Participate in an Exchange Program Abroad

Declaration of the Head of the Department

The rules and regulations of the Faculty of Medicine about partaking in partial studies abroad can be found in the Faculty Academic Regulations, 10.2. Available here.

Latest news


01 June 2022

The latest award of Professor András Varró has been the "Miklós Jancsó Memorial Medal", perhaps the most prestigious award in Medical Biology at the University of Szeged (SZTE). We talked to the former head of the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School, University of Szeged, and Head of the Cardiovascular Pharmacology Research Group at Eötvös Loránd Research Network at SZTE about his previous awards. We recalled generations of doctors, Nobel Prize-worthy research, the history of the university, as well as Professor Varró's heartfelt interests - in the centenary academic year of the University of Szeged.


He has been fighting pseudoscience for many years, often engaging in a debate with people who would certainly be ignored by other scientists on the grounds that they cannot be convinced of anything. ’What motivates you and how did you start your career in biology?’ We spoke to Zsolt Boldogkői, Professor at the Department of Medical Biology, University of Szeged.


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