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Foreign Students' Secretariat

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Foreign Students' Secretariat

It's true. Your first time at the University of Szeged can be an overwhelming experience: new friends to make, new classes to find, new books to buy, and you may also be living away from home for the first time, involving the necessary readjustments. That’s why we do our best to help you navigate this period successfully.

Anything you would like to know? Just ask. Our friendly academic officers are ready to assist you.

The Foreign Students' Secretariat, situated in the clinical garden, brings together a wide range of student services.

Address: 12. Dóm tér, H-6720 Szeged, Hungary
GPS: 46.248587, 20.149538

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Phone: +36 62/545-458
Fax Number: +36 62/545-028, +36 62/544-562

Reception hours:

Monday through Friday: 9:30 - 12:00

Head of the Academic Office

Rita_honlapraRita Rózsahegyi


Tel.: + 36 62 545 020

Admission Officers (English and German language programs):

Katalin FehérPhoto_Feher_Kati
Application: English language medical and foundation year for health science programs

Tel.: + 36 62 342-124

Varo_BorbalaBorbála Váró

Entrance examination: English language health science programs


Tel.: + 36 62 545-969

Szilvia Török-Csordás
Admission: English language medical and foundation year for health science programs
Tel.: +36 62 342-059

Erzsébet Gutáné NagyGutane_Nagy_Erzsi_javitott
Application and admission: German medical and foundation year programs
Tel.: + 36 62 546-815

Academic Officers:

English language foundation year program:


Péter Jászfalusi

English language foundation year

Tel.: +36 62 546-849

English language Medical Program:

MoniMónika Mikó

English medical program: year 1
Tel.: + 36 62 545-031

Márta Balog
Neptun coordinator, credit transfer procedure
Tel.: +36 62 546 867


Dezső Jeremiás
English medical program: year 2
Tel.: +36 62 545-177


Alexandra Bánfi

English language medical program: year 3, graduates


Tel.: + 36 62 545-031


Ágnes Mester

English language medical program: years 4-5


Tel.: + 36 62 545-029

Agi_HonlapraÁgnes Ótott

English medical program: year 6


Tel.: + 36 62 545-030

German language foundation year and medical program:

Szilvia BaunokSzilvia Baunok
German medical program: year 1

Tel.: + 36 62 546-865

Anita_TakacsAnita Takács
German medical program: year 2


Tel.: +36 62 546-866

Financial Administrator for Medical Students:

Emőke Rabeczné Laudisz
Tel.: + 36 62 545 836

Zsuzsanna Langóné Rakonczai
On maternity leave

Latest news


The Keio Medical Science Prize has been awarded to Katalin Karikó "for the discovery of Specific RNA Modification Leading to mRNA Vaccine Development", as announced on 15 September 2021, Japan time. The researcher, who holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Szeged, will receive a certificate of merit, medal, and a monetary award of 10 million yen for her work.