2021. October 23., Saturday
Szegedi Tudományegyetem Szent-Györgyi Albert Orvostudományi Kar

University of Szeged
Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School
Foreign Students' Secretariat

Your Education. Our Mission.


Dear Freshmen,


Welcome to the University of Szeged! We are looking forward to your arrival in a week and we would like to make sure that you are aware of your schedule in advance. In preparation for the new school year, please make note of the following:


Mandatory orientation/matriculation day for first year medical students: August 31, 2021 (Tuesday) from 10.00, Education Center (Address: Szeged, Dóm tér 13.)


Please, arrive at least 45 minutes earlier, as you will be required to undergo a pre-triage procedure before entering the enrollment premises.


Make sure to bring a face mask and your valid passport (non-EU) or national identity card (EU).


The pre-triage questionnaire will be provided on spot, but you can also download and fill it out in advance. The form is available here.

We would like to call your attention that during the orientation, safety distance should be kept.


Tours’ day: September 01, 2021 (Wednesday)


Campus-tours from 9.30 starting Dóm square, organized in cooperation with the International Student Union


Library-tours from 11.00 at TIK University Library, Ady square 10.


NEPTUN orientation: September 02, 2021 (Thursday)

Place: TIK University Library, Ady square 10.


7.45 – groups 1- 6

9.00 – groups 7-12


For the above programmes, you are going to be assigned to groups. More information on your group schedule will be shared in the evening August 31, after the matriculation day.


Police presentation: September 02, 2021 (Thursday) from 15.00

Place: József Baló Education Center (Address: Szeged, Szikra u. 8. / behind New Clinic)

Ceremonial Freshmen’s Oath: September 03, 2021 (Friday) from 11.30

Address: Népkert sor 7, Szeged 6726 (Open Air Theater - New Szeged - Erzsébet liget)

Fall semester starting date: September 06, 2021 (Monday)


Should you need more information, please contact us at: admissions.fs@med.u-szeged.hu

You are also welcome to take part in the University's central orientation programmes on the first week of school. For details please visit the following website: https://u-szeged.hu/english/csempek/orientation-week

Please check back regulary for updates!


Kind regards,


Admissions Team

Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School




Latest news


The Keio Medical Science Prize has been awarded to Katalin Karikó "for the discovery of Specific RNA Modification Leading to mRNA Vaccine Development", as announced on 15 September 2021, Japan time. The researcher, who holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Szeged, will receive a certificate of merit, medal, and a monetary award of 10 million yen for her work.