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Guest Book - Alumni Reunion Weekend

Maya and Aviv Shperber
Dr. Oren Shperber
Dr. Aino Shperber

Greetings from Shperber family, Israel
Thank you for the lovely event!!!

Aino & Oren (class of 2001)
Maya Shperber
Aviv Shperber

Dr. Ahmad Nama (class of 2009)

Dear Alumni,

what a great opportunity to be reunited
with wonderful professors, great friends, university
teachers. Those years at Szeged University are most
I am forever greatful.


Dearest Szote,
Dr. Pegah Afra (class of 1999)
Many heartfelt thanks for everything I learned & for the opportunity to spend my most for mative years here!

Dear Hungary,
Thank you for providing such a healthy & pieceful environment for all of us to study in. Always keep you in my heart.


Dr. Tahmina Halimi (class of 2012)

Dearest Szeged!
thank you for a wonderful time, and for giving me all that I cherish the most!
Most of all thank you for the wonderful friends that also became my family.
Love always

Dr. Aveen Connolly
Dr. Maximilian Neun
Dearest Szeged,
What a wonderful weekend. It was wonderful to meet the amazing friends again in Szeged. It brings back so many great memories. It was a reunion to remember. Szeged will always have a special place in all
our hearts. Thank you for a fantastic weekend & I look
forward to the next one!
Aveen and Max

class of 2012

Dr. Efrat and Nadir Reindorp
Dear people of the Szeged University

Amazing event!!! It looks like you put a tremendous effort in organizing the reunion and it payed off. We had a wonderful weekend with a lot of memory flooding. We deeply apreciate your hospitality and warm welcome.Let us know if we can be of any assistance int he future.We’re looking forward to the next reunion.
Best regards
The Reindorps (class of 1994 and 1995)

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The surgical reconstructive intervention developed in recent years by Prof. László Rovó, Rector of the University of Szeged and his team of specialists is unique worldwide.


The Béla Purjesz Clinical and Educational Centre of Infectious Diseases at the University of Szeged (SZTE), established as a greenfield investment of about HUF 5 billion, fully meets the requirements of 21st century isolation and infection control.


A two-year-old boy born with a rare developmental disorder (omphalocele) was operated on at the Szeged Children's Hospital.