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Freshmen’s Camp 2016

Dear Freshman of the „SZOTE” Family !


Welcome! It’s great to have You with Us!


To get to know each other we would like to invite you to our traditional Freshmen’s Camp. Every year 200 freshmen come together at Lake Balaton to celebrate, party and start their journey through University.This week is all about you. Come , get to know us and your fellow.


General information:

Date: 2016. august 7-11.
Venue: Balatonakali Youth Camp (Balatonakali Gyermek és Ifjúsági Tábor http://www.balatonguest.hu/balatonakali-ifjusagi-tabor.php)
Address: Balatonakali Dörgicsei u. 29 (Balatonakali Dörgicsei str. 29.)
Accomodation: Wooden cabins for 6, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included
Registration fee: 22 000 HUF + 1600 Taxes (Taxes are payed in cash at the venue)
Traveling by train from Szeged: You can choose to travel to the location with us from Szeged by train. This costs an extra 6600 HUF.

Travel by car: N46.8858784, E17.7443718 (Balatonakali, Dörgicsei út 29.)

Travel by train from Budapest: From Déli Pályaudvar (Déli Station) you have to go to Balatonakali-Dörgicse You can also join us at Déli Station ont he 7th of August at 10.30 (the train leaves at 11.05 )


The registration period for the camp is between 26th of July 2016 and 4th of August 2016. To register to the camp go to www.golyatabor.hu , choose „SZOTE Gólyatábor” and fill out the form. Your admission is completed with the transfer of the registration fee. If you wish to come to the University’s Welcome Camp (Welcome festival, https://www.facebook.com/osszgt/?fref=ts ) you have to sign up for that also which is an extra 1000 HUF.

The account to transfer the registration fee to:

IBAN: HU15119980060261835900000000, SWIFT CODE: GIBAHUHB.


To the subject you have to write your name + SZOTE Gólyatábor + your faculty (MED, PHARM, DENT) for example (Joe Smith, SZOTE Gólyatábor, MED)


We can only accept one’s application for the camp if the fees and transfered until the 4th os August 2016.



We are looking forward to meeting you soon. Until that have a great summer!

The Student Union of The Faculty of Medicine

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