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University of Szeged Faculty of Medicine Clinical Skills Centre

The primary goal of the Clinical Skills Centre, commonly known as ‘Skills Centre’, was to bring the practical elements of the education of medical students in Szeged to a new level by operating the best available simulation systems, where students meet with identical and safe conditions to those during the daily routine patient care. Innovation is constant and the development of the technical background of education is continuous. Today the Centre provides world-class opportunity for all undergraduates and graduate trainees in medical and health education to acquire communication, diagnostic, therapeutic and nursing competencies and demonstrate their skills.

The Centre is an independent education unit of the Faculty, operating at two sites. Unit ‘A’ is located at the Dóm square (Dóm tér 13). The doors opened on March 6th 2013 with an area of approximately 400 square meters in the building of the Albert Szent-Györgyi Education Centre. The renovation of the premises of the former students club (SZOTE Klub) was started with the Faculty's own resources, the purchase of equipment and the development of the audiovisual system were financed by TIOP grants. The main profile of Unit “A” is emergency medicine, the technical-educational background available here provides the basis for the teaching of first aid, resuscitation methodology, courses for traumatology, internal medicine and pediatrics and other disciplines. The Unit has three simulation rooms, two practical and one theoretical training rooms, the capacity of the simulation rooms is 10-10, the practical rooms are for 20-20 while the theoretical training room has a capacity for 45 students.


The other part of the Center is Unit ‘B’, located at the Pulz street (Pulz utca 1). This unit was opened in February 2019 to provide additional opportunities and a much broader perspective for health simulation skills training. At the premises of the former Psychiatric Clinic of the University and sharing the site with the former City Hospital No. I, we have established a new teaching base where the educational palette of the Centre was developed further, in line with the international trends. Two fully-equipped surgical operating theaters, with adjoining scrubbing and dressing rooms and several other practice rooms have been set up in common use with the Institute of Surgical Research; in addition to general surgery facilities for gynecology, anesthesiology, intensive care, nursing and urology, diagnostic and imaging units were formed.

As a result of the complex technical development, the current infrastructure of the Clinical Skills Centre (“Szeged Skills”, briefly) now provides educational background for all clinical subjects at an international level, as well as space for special training practices. A high-level IT background, data recording and audio-visual systems are also available. In addition to the use of simulation models for the acquisition of competencies, we provide opportunities for skills training in communications and team-building.