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Faculty Youth Hostels

Faculty Youth Hostels

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged has two youth hostels for its students: Apáthy István and Jancsó Miklós Youth Hostels.

Both of them are in the city centre, near to the train station, the classrooms and practice places can be reached in few minutes. Apáthy Youth Hostel provides accomodation for 234 students in 3-bed rooms with private bathroom while Jancsó Youth Hostel accomodates 233 students in 4-bed rooms with common bathrooms in every floor. Students can use kitchens on every floor, internet access is available in every room and study rooms help to provide the appropriate circumstances for academic activities. Student Association operates int he Youth Hostels which plans, organizes and directs social life, cultural and sport activities.

Further information
Directorate of Faculty Youth Hostels
Gábor Révész (Director)
Tel: +36-62-544-910
E-mail: revesz.gabor@med.u-szeged.hu

Anikó Gavallér Molnár (Administrator)
Tel: +36-62-545-729
E-mail: molnarne.gavaller.aniko@med.u-szeged.hu



Owing to the results of her research making medicines producing their effect faster and more effective in the future, Dr. Edit Csapó was awarded the ’For Women In Science’ recognition of L’Oreal and UNESCO.

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