2018. augusztus 15., szerda


International Collaborations of the Faculty of Medicine

International collaborations both in education and in research are playing a big role in the life of the Faculty of Medicine.

Erasmus mobility

In the recent years, the number of student mobilities have increased. We are constantly creating new erasmus opportunities (currently 38 active) since the program provides students with the outstanding opportunity for professional development which is recognized all over Europe. The international experience is not only important because of approaching languages, but also by the gain in the realtionship system, which can help them in the future practice. Three Croatian, one Romanian and one Italian institution has been recently contacted in order to create new Erasmus agreements.

Erasmus contracts of the Faculty of Medicine in PDF>>

Erasmus guide in PDF >>

Study plan in PDF >>

Professional exchange practice

The Medical Student Association of Szeged is responsible for the exchange program, by which annually 40-50 student travels the world, and the same number of students are received. Both incoming and outgoing students have a positive opinion about the one month exchange programs.

Further details at the Association's website>>

JPEMS (Joint Program for European Medical Studies)

We are initiators and founders of JPEMS (Joint Program for European Medical Students) which is operated together with 7 Universities (Angers, Nantes, Naples, Amsterdam, Szeged, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca). It affords a half year long educational program for the first semester of the 3rd grade. The studies are mutualy agreed by all Institutions. Tutors are delegated from every single University. Annually 4 or 5 students participate from Szeged. The accompanied Alumni program is an exceptional opportunity, that offers a chance for previos students to keep in touch by the annual Summer School.

Further details on the website of the program>>

Medical students beyond frontiers

An Austrian scholarship program conducted by Professor Herbert Ehringer annually offers an opportunity to 10 medical students to take part in professional practice in receiving institutions. Applying for the summer scholarships starts in march. Our students in the program are educated by excellent instructors.