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University of Szeged
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There are two main libraries in the city:

At present the network of the Main University Library and the 70 Institutional and departmental libraries possesses more than 1.5 million library items – books, periodicals, manuscripts, microfilms and other documents. The six reading rooms are equipped with an open access collection of 40,000 volumes. By now, the University’s computer system is fully network-connected, and large labs are at the disposal of students for electronical browsing in the catalogues of the University Library or surfing on the World Wide Web. The Central Medical Library contains 138,000 books and periodicals.
A 16,000 m2 new building for the Main Library is furnished with 600-700 computers; the reading room has 1000 seats. This is the largest library in Central Eastern Europe.

Official Website of the University Library (TIK)

The Somogyi Library is the central library of the city. Although there are no English language medical books in this library (only fiction and periodicals) it is still a good place to study and relax.

Official Website of the Somogyi Library