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From Budapest to Szeged

How to get to Szeged


There is no international airport in Szeged. For more information on Budapest Airport please see http://www.bud.hu


If you arrive to Hungary's international airport, Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport we recommend taking the following means of transport to get to Szeged:


By Airport Minibus

To schedule the service, please contact:

SIGNUM TRANSFER Ltd. Tel: +36 (30) 376-5683, +36 (30) 499-6227, E-mail: info@szegedtranszfer.hu

Web: http://en.szegedtranszfer.hu/contact


PREMIUM TRANS Tel.: +36 (30) 493-2831, +36 (70) 215-1116, E-mail: info@premiumtrans.hu

Web: www.premiumtrans.hu/cegunkrol-eng.html


AIRPLUS SZEGED Tel: +36 (62) 424-715, +36 (62) 424-538, E-mail: utazas@airplus.hu

Web: www.airplus.hu


To book the service, please contact:

OTP TRAVEL Tel: + 36 (1) 296-8555, Fax: +36 (1) 296-8993, E-mail: info@airportshuttle.hu

Web: http://www.airportshuttle.hu/en


By train or bus

To reach the city center in Budapest we recommend you to take the Airport Minibus. To arrange a pickup please call: (+ 36) 1-296-8555.


Travel by train

Trains to Szeged depart from Nyugati Pályaudvar (Western Railway Station) and stop at Ferenc Liszt International Airport. Railway tickets to certain destinations can be purchased at the Airport station from the vending machines placed on the platforms. To destinations which are not enlisted by the wending machines, tickets and IC supplementary tickets will be issued without extra charge by the conductor on board. Travel time to Szeged is approx. 2.5 hours.

For information on timetable for trains from Budapest to Szeged please see the following website: http://elvira.mav-start.hu/elvira.dll/

Important notice: Trains usually have an additional IC-car where seat reservation is compulsory.

For more information on the price of IC surcharge (supplement and seat reservation) please visit the following webpage: http://mav-start.hu/res/tajekoztato_20130301_en.pdf

Please note that prices are subject to change.


At the Ferenc Liszt International Airport you can buy your ticket and seat reservation at the Tourist Information booth.

TIP: This is what you should say in Hungarian if you are not sure that the cashier understands you in English. (for IC-train):

„Kérek egy jegyet Budapestről Szegedre és egy intercity pótjegyet."

Travel by bus

Coaches depart from Népstadion Station (BNS). Travel time is approx. 3 hours.

For timetable please check the following website: http://ujmenetrend.cdata.hu/uj_menetrend/en/index.php


Useful expressions for the use of the timetable:














By car


Take Motorway M5 to reach Szeged.

Important notice: Toll roads in Hungary may only be used with a pre-purchased road use authorization that is an e-vignette. For information on fees please visit the following website: https://en-ematrica.autopalya.hu/

If you wish to find information about current traffic information, road conditions, web cameras, traffic maps or route planning, please call Útinform at +36-1-336-24-00 or visit the www.utinform.hu web site.



By taxi service

Airport transfer (travelling time to Szeged is approximately 1,5 hours)

Reliable drivers:

  • PREMIUM TRANS Minivan transports up to 8 person and minibus transport up to sixteen passengers.

Contact person: Mr. Viktor Tóth Tel.: +36 (30) 493-2831, +36 (70) 215-1116, E-mail: info@premiumtrans.hu
Web: www.premiumtrans.hu/cegunkrol-eng.html

Prices: 1-8 person 80 HUF/km (individual passengers please ask for a quote)

8-16 person 150 HUF /km

  • FUN TAXI Minivan, which can transport up to six passengers.

Contact person: Mr. Tamás Pete, Tel.: +36 (20) 9720-100 between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. or send a short message (SMS) to him and he will return your call as soon as possible. For more information please check the following website: http://www.funtaxi.hu/index.php?lang=en

Prices: 1-6 person appr.20.000 HUF/trip (individual passengers please ask for a quote)


If you are in Szeged


Once in Szeged, the easiest way to get to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat or the accommodation is to catch a taxi. You can call several taxi companies (Tempo taxi: +36-62-490-490, Rádió taxi: +36-62-480-480 or +36-80-822-222 (toll-free number); Gábriel taxi +36-62-470-470).


Public transportation is relatively extensive, reliable and cheap. Fares can be paid on board; however, it is always cheaper if you purchase your ticket(s) in advance. If you travel without a validated ticket, you will be fined. Tickets are valid for one ride only; every time you change lines a new ticket must be validated. Tickets can be validated on board of trams and buses (punch slots). Daily, weekly and monthly passes are also available. Tickets and passes can be purchased at the main railway station, newsstands and public transportation booths.