2021. March 9., Tuesday

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How to get an appointment to the GP (Generali Studium insured students)

Dear Generali Studium Insured Students,

You can get an appointment to the GP/family doctor through the Modulo system.

The link is:


By clicking here you can download a guide on how to get an appointment to the GP.

If you have trouble accessing the MODULO system please contact the Student Office at modulo@hszi.u-szeged.hu

You have to reserve your time-slot first choosing a suitable one from the available appointments, then in the next step you will be able to print out your reservation number.

(If you just write down this number that is also acceptable, in any case you must be able to present it at the doctor’s office.)

As you probably have noticed there is no validity date on your current insurance card, so this step is necessary to check the validity of your insurance before receiving medical care.

We are unable to provide care to students not complying with this request after 1st February, 2019.

On behalf of the GP,

Foreign Students’ Secretariat