2022. June 30., Thursday
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Presentation: June 7, 2022: "From Student Days to Seniority (how I made it through the system): Cases and Stories of an Orthopedic Resident"

The Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School is very proud of all its graduates and we are always pleased to hear about their achievements.

Their stories can inspire you as well, or prepare you about what comes next, so take the opportunity and attend the presentation on 7th June (Tuesday) held by an ex-student of the Faculty, Dr. Liav Yoeli M.D. from Israel. Now a certified orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Yoeli will tell you about his internship and residency years, trainings, exams and experience.

Click here to see the invitation and make sure to mark the date in your calendar.

See you on 7th June!

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01 June 2022

The latest award of Professor András Varró has been the "Miklós Jancsó Memorial Medal", perhaps the most prestigious award in Medical Biology at the University of Szeged (SZTE). We talked to the former head of the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical School, University of Szeged, and Head of the Cardiovascular Pharmacology Research Group at Eötvös Loránd Research Network at SZTE about his previous awards. We recalled generations of doctors, Nobel Prize-worthy research, the history of the university, as well as Professor Varró's heartfelt interests - in the centenary academic year of the University of Szeged.


He has been fighting pseudoscience for many years, often engaging in a debate with people who would certainly be ignored by other scientists on the grounds that they cannot be convinced of anything. ’What motivates you and how did you start your career in biology?’ We spoke to Zsolt Boldogkői, Professor at the Department of Medical Biology, University of Szeged.


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