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Messages of the New Coronavirus Operative Committee of USZ

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection and with regard to the education breaks ordered by the Rector (No. IKT/5-790/2/2020. and No. IKT/5-790/4/2020), the University of Szeged issued the following orders, effective from March 12, 2020.

Students are not allowed to visit the buildings of the University of Szeged. Accordingly, all forms of communications and administration shall be conducted by electronic platforms, such as Neptun, Coospace, Modulo. Please note that the University of Szeged, along with the other Hungarian higher education institutions, will switch to distance education until withdrawal.

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International FELASA (Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations) course at our Institute

Between January 13-24, 2020 the Institute of Surgical Research has organized the annual “Animal Experiments, Theory and Practice” course at the University of Szeged.

Participants for the internationally-accredited FELASA C level course arrived from Italy and Croatia, together with PhD students from Hungary, India, Iran, Jordan, Kuwaiti and Nigeria, from the Universities of Szeged and Pécs. The program was jointly run by lecturers and tutors from the Institutes of Biochemistry, Medical Informatics, Public Health, Surgical Research, the Department of Neurology and the Radiobiology Research Group at ELI-ALPS.

After the end of the two-weeks training and successful theoretical and practical exams, certificates were handed over to 12 researchers, who gained right to design and conduct experimental projects based on the use of laboratory animals in all countries of the world.

Opening of the Microsurgical Training Center




The Microsurgical Training Center, jointly affiliated with the Institute of Surgical Research and the Skills Center of the Medical Faculty, was opened on December 3, 2019. The new facility with 2 rooms and a 30-person capacity is fully-equipped for basic level and advanced microsurgical training courses, and offers educational programs to undergraduate medical and dentistry students and postgraduates. Besides, specially-built microscopic platforms, suitable for highly specialized interventions, such as trauma, nerve, vessel or eye surgeries, are also available for the mastering of technical skills in many fields of clinical microsurgery.

The project was financed by the EFOP-4.2.1-16-2017-00014 project, the aims were to develop the technical and infrastructural background of the microsurgical teaching to world-class standards, and to offer a site for basic and advanced activities under one roof.

Our vision is to provide a center of excellence for microsurgical training for Szeged and Europe, and to connect the best available teaching methods with the clinical practices. We are proud to take part is this challenging and fascinating task.

Recognitions and awards during the XVIIIth Congress of the European Shock Society



At the 9th Congress of the International Shock Societies - the 18th Congress of the European Shock Society (ESS) - the staff of the Institute of Surgical Research presented their research results in 3 oral and 6 poster presentations. Oral Presentations of Dr. Szabolcs Tallósy and Dr. László Juhász received the ESS Travel Award. The poster presented by Attila Rutai, our PhD student, was rewarded both with the ESS Presidential Award and with the Poster Award. Dr. Andrea Szabó associate professor, was elected by the General Assembly of the European Shock Society as Secretary General of the Society for a period of five years.





XXVIIth Congress of the Experimental Surgery Section of Hungarian Surgical Society

Dear colleagues!

Hereby we would like to invite you and your dear colleagues to honor us on the occasion of the XXVII Congress of the Experimental Surgery Section of the Hungarian Surgical Society, June 12-14, 2019.


Next year’s Congress will be extraordinary in the manner that it will not only include the traditional translational experimental and educational areas but will also display the recently increasingly developing field of simulation training for healthcare workers. Institute of Surgical Research organizing the Congress is taking on a big task with arranging such a wide spectrum of the healthcare simulation training including several manual professions such as traumatology, gynecology, surgery, anesthesiology, and cardiology. Translational research topics about surgical innovations, high-tech trauma surgery and traumatology are highlighted areas. As a unique opportunity within the Congress, we provide the opportunity to the participants to learn about the latest traumatic, anesthetic, and neuro-interventional procedures. Both young clinicians and highly experienced professional mentors are expected to attend the workshops and roundtable discussions.

Institute of Surgical Research at University of Szeged, as an organizer of the Congress, will trying to make the event unforgettable in the manners of both scientific and social programs. First warm days of June with mayfly dance on river Tisza and the Tiszapart-Várkert hosting the programs making Szeged an ideal place for the next year Congress.

We highly recommend to mark 12-14th of June 2019 in your calendar with bold letters, as a must-see program!

Website of the Congress:

The organizing committee or the Congress Organizing Office (Congress & Hobby Service Kft.; 6725 Szeged, Szent Ferenc utca 8.; Gábor Mészáros managing director and colleagues) will be at your disposal in case of emerging questions. On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Congress, with regards,


Dr. Petra Hartmann

President of Congress

Dr. Andrea Szabó

Secretary of Congress



Excellent Scientific Circle Tutor of Faculty of Medicine title was awarded to:

Dr. Judit Füvesi, Department of Neurology

Dr. Péter Hegyi, MTA-SZTE MTA-SZTE Momentum Translational Gastroenterology Research Group

Dr. József Kaszaki, Institute of Surgical Research

Dr. Erika Kis, Department of Dermatology and Allergology

Dr. György Lázár, Department of Surgery

Dr. Ákos Menyhárt, Department of Medical Physics and Informatics

Dr. Norbert Nagy, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy

Dr. Balázs Németh, First Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. János Szabad, Department of Medical Biology

Dr. Júlia Szakács, Department of Pathophysiology

Dean's praise was given to Orsolya Simon.