2018. October 23., Tuesday

Prof. Ferenc Bari, dean

Dean's welcome

I am honoured to welcome you at the homepage of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged.

Our Faculty is one of Hungary’s four excellent medical training places. It has a significant role in the scientific life of Southern Great Plain and outstanding in the training of the region’s healthcare professionals. Its high-standard educational and scientific activities contribute to the prominent national and international ranking of the University of Szeged and provides our international competitiveness as well. The patient care activities of the Albert Szent-Györgyi Clinical Centre are mainly regional but specialists of some professions accept patients from the whole country and even from abroad.

In our laboratories researches are carried out in various fields of life sciences with national and international support. Recognized scientists, experienced teachers and doctors provide sound and modern education of students. From 1985 we offer English and from 1999 German language medical training for the high number of interested foreign students. Our aim is to grant a student-friendly but demanding training providing gainful knowledge. A large number of students join scientific activities during their undergraduate studies, many of them participate health protection or education activities or other works of mercy. The number of Hungarian students participating foreign exchange programmes is growing. Most of our graduate students successfully start their career either in Hungary or abroad due to their high-standard knowledge.

We are proud that several outstanding personalities acknowledged widely were amongst our students and we remember the professors who gained international fame for our institution. We are all proud of Albert Szent-Györgyi former professor and dean of the Faculty, rector of the University whose Nobel prize in 1937 was awarded mainly for his research activities in Szeged. He serves as an example for every student and teacher. His example shows that it’s possible to achieve results in Szeged and Hungary which are recognized all around the world.

Besides following the traditions our Faculty is searching new ways as well. Paralelly to high-standard theoretical education we also emphasize skills development which is supported by the recently opened Clinical Skills Centre. Several interdisciplinary programmes are available in our study profile such as telemedicine, nanomedicine or medical economics. We have traditionally good relations with our partner faculties and the Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Thanks to our extensive scientific and educational relations almost 100 students participate international student exchange programmes every year in and out of Europe and the same number of foreign medical students is accepted in Szeged. Our summer schools are more and more popular amongst foreign students. Extra-curricular programmes help talented students to join high standard research activity besides their studies.

The majority of our students follow post-graduate training after the six-year medical training. Many of them join one of our four doctoral schools either by participating the three-year PhD training or working on their PhD individually. Our PhD-programmes are open for any graduates interested.

Our further mission is to encourage life-long learning of graduated doctors. We have regional and in some special fields national training responsibilities.

Szeged is one of the best cities to live in Hungary with its cultural and scientific life, the localism of the inhabitants and its appeal across the borders. The life of the city and the university is strongly connected. Szeged provides a perfect scenario for university life. Besides the university freetime activities the city’s cultural and sport events also provide excellent opportunities for students and our colleagues as well.

The executives of the Faculty are determined to develop the quality of teaching, scientific and healthcare activities as well to be able to meet the requirements of the 21st century.

Thank you for visiting our website. Get informed about the life of our Faculty. We would be glad to receive your questions and comments.

Welcoming you on behalf of the Faculty,
Dr. Ferenc Bari





Owing to the results of her research making medicines producing their effect faster and more effective in the future, Dr. Edit Csapó was awarded the ’For Women In Science’ recognition of L’Oreal and UNESCO.

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